Grand Prize: $1000 and Round Trip flight to Ft. Lauderdale, FL!

The next Challenge: May 2018

Now accepting contracts for participants!! $100 down payment is required to secure your spot. Fills up fast, DON’T MISS OUT!!

**Because we want you to get the BEST experience possible, we ONLY except 20 per class. Schedule an appointment to secure your spot!!**

This is not your typical weight loss program, this is a lifestyle change for you, your family, for your life. Join the Challenge & let us assist you in living a healthier life.


LIFT’s Lifestyle Challenge is a 7 week program designed to completely change your Lifestyle. You will lose weight and become healthier through real food and real exercise. No gimmicks, It’s a Lifestyle you can Live with!

Class times: 5am OR 6am Monday-Friday

7am Saturday

& 8am Sunday (Seminar)

(Required to attend 7 days week)



Past Challenger Steve Lynch Says:


Every time I looked in the mirror I knew I had to do something. I hadn’t really exercised in twenty-five years. My mom even joked that I looked 3-months pregnant – ouch. I heard about the lifestyle challenge and got a hold of the brochure. On a lunch break, I finished up my two slices of pepperoni and headed over to check it out and consider joining the fall 2016 Challenge. That’s when I met Jess – with her high energy and positive outlook, she convinced me to take up the Challenge.

I wasn’t sure I could meet the demands of the Challenge – the idea of sticking to a prescribed meal plan and the daily 6AM workouts were intimidating. Looking back now, I realize I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. For me, the Challenge was transformative. Jess and the Lift Trainers provided the perfect blend of structure, support, sense of belonging and “tough love” needed to bring about lasting change. Sharing the Challenge and bonding with the whole group kept everyone upbeat and dedicated to making a lifestyle change for the better.

The meal plan was especially well crafted, simplifying choices and streamlining the daily routine – I was able to stick with it through the entire Challenge and soon I lost the cravings for garbage food and began to enjoy whole, healthy food. The daily workouts varied within each week and evolved over the Challenge as the entire group became more fit. We were introduced to the entire Lift gym over the course of the Challenge.

The LIFT Lifestyle Challenge changed my life – three months later I am still on the meal plan and coming in regularly to work out. Between that afternoon when I walked in to LIFT and today I’ve lost 35 pounds and gained a new outlook on life. Don’t be intimidated – you can do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Steve Lynch, fall 2016 LIFT Lifestyle Challenge

Want to join The Lifestyle Challenge?

jess-tallBe a part of a program that will change your life. Not only will you change your body, you’ll also change your mind. We will train your brain! We will teach you everything you need to know about living a healthy life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to look and feel your best.

This is MORE than just an “weight loss” program,  it’s the beginning of your NEW life. You will NOT be the same after the completion of  this program. GUARANTEED! Learn how to change your unhealthy habits and behaviors. Experience what your future can be like living a life of health and happiness.

Our professional trainers are committed to providing YOU with a life changing experience. The LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE is designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Every workout will challenge you and change you for the better. Learn how to get results and keep them. We will teach you a lifestyle that you can live with. Call now!! Don’t wait to “Live The Lifestyle”

Benefits of the program:

  • Weight loss, shed body fat, increase muscle mass

  • Education on safe & effective strength training

  • Learn proper form & funtion to prevent injury

  • Education on proper nutrition. Learn how to eat, why, & when

  • Turn struggle into strength & confidence

  • Increased endurance, flexibility, mobility

  • Increased strength & performance

  • Accountability & motivation

  • Creating lasting bonds with peers and trainers

  • Increased energy & productivity

  • Prevention or improvements of medical conditions

  • Life changing experience

Each week we will host a seminar focusing on these key points:


Introduction and education


Taking responsibility


Set a goal & get focused


Take action, take control


Stop the limiting beliefs


Positive thoughts, behaviors & actions


Forming habits & changing behaviors

All-Inclusive Program:

  • Unlimited gym membership for 7 weeks
  • FULL access gym/class membership
  • Before & After compositions/measurements
  • M/W/F Full body strength training 
  • T/TH/S High intensity cardio & core training 
  • Customized nutritional plan 
  • Maintenance meal plan 
  • Learn about metabolism 
  • Nutrition and meal prep seminar 
  • Learn to shop: Wegmans health/shopping tour
  • Accountability, support, and motivation
  • Individualized supplement/cardio recommendations
  • Before and after photos
  • 24/7  access to personal trainers 
  • Sunday seminars 

LIFT is dedicated to you and your new Lifestyle. You will receive the absolute best from us.

Due to the amount of time and attention each one of you requires, SPOTS ARE LIMITED.

Make an appointment NOW to start your new Lifestyle!!