Live The Lifestyle

Success stories of LIFT clients “Living The Lifestyle”

Meg Giovannetti

I started personal training & a nutrition plan with Jess November 2017. I had zero confidence and thought the gym was the last place I belonged. The personal training pushed me to work past my daily chronic pain and boosted my self confidence to the next level. The knowledge I gained was astounding. I found myself eating better, more clean, and enjoying it! I noticed my chronic pain wasn’t as intense when I ate healthier based on what Jess taught me. I also learned a regular scale didn’t dictate who I was, that number was no longer my ball and chain. It was what made the number on the scale important- the lean muscle and body fat lost. While a regular scale would tell you I have only lost 10 pounds there is such a noticeable difference. I’ve gone down 2 pant sizes, almost three and go to the gym at least 5 days a week now and LOVE it. I shattered every expectation my doctors had for me and my diagnosis by doing and wanting better for my body. The strength is amazing! LIFT and the team there truly changed my outlook. You guys worked with me when I had to have surgery on my spine were great at modifying certain exercises based on my restrictions or lack of fingers on my left hand. I never once felt like I didn’t belong when I was at LIFT. Every city needs a gym and team like LIFT. I lost the cravings I had for caffeine and the need for it daily by eating better, which was crazy to me. The gym is a happy place for me now. I get a euporhic feeling being there, pushing myself.
-Meaghan Giovannetti

Katie Lynn

“Participating in the nutrition program with Jessica has been such a great learning experience. When I reached out to her in October, I was uncomfortable in my own skin and certainly not comfortable in my clothes. During that first meeting, she asked what I felt was a healthy weight for myself and what I wanted to gain. What came to mind was how I had felt about myself in the summer of 2016. It was at that time I was doing mainly cardio and thought I was eating very healthy. Looking back, I most likely was not eating properly to keep my body fueled and to maintain that type of eating habit as well as doing way too much cardio. This type of extensive cardio continued for about a year. I now realize that I had given Jessica an unrealistic goal, but more of a feeling I wanted to achieve again. She asked me if I would be comfortable at the same weight as I was then, but more defined and toned. Who wouldn’t say yes?!?!? After the initial meeting, Jessica gave me a meal plan and several workouts that included weight training. I almost immediately began seeing results. I saw these results even if I had a cheat meal or a cookie here and there. I also learned how to work out “smarter” and more efficiently. In the bi-weekly meetings Jessica provided me with so much knowledge and support I felt as if I could do anything. While meal planning was not always ideal as it can be time-consuming, it became easier as time went on. Now, nearly three months later, I have not had a dramatic weight loss, which I thought I would have achieved at the beginning of the program. I actually weigh about the same as I did when I started. The success that I had gained was not about numbers on a scale but what I was able to achieve in another way. I was able to lose an entire pants size though and regain my confidence. An important lesson I learned is that the scale does not determine progress. The knowledge and support that I was given through this program has helped me feel I could maintain this type of eating and working out for a lifetime. And who knows what the future could hold for me now”

Casey Dreshler

Hey guys! I have been lifting for a year at LIFT and enjoying every second of it! Not only have I discovered a passion/hobby but I have also opened the door to a whole new lifestyle and career. I have set a goal for myself to achieve a pro card in men’s physique. In order to achieve this goal I need to learn from the best. I have put on almost fifty pounds since I have started at LIFT and I’m so excited to see what the future holds!


Brenda Bennick

I want to recognize a woman who I’ve known for a few years now. The woman I met in the beginning, IS NOT the woman I see today. She is now one of the first people to walk through LIFT’s doors in the morning – feeling comfortable and confident! I remember training her in private (group ex room) because she was nervous and intimidated with a gym. Which is completely normal for someone starting out, but let me tell you – that’s NOT her today!! She lost 40 pounds overall during her journey with me & LIFT. Her progress during this past challenge should be recognized and applauded! She never missed a day, kept a positive mindset, and ended up with major results! As you will read below “this is ONLY the beginning”
Congratulations Brenda Bennink – SO PROUD OF YOU!!

Here’s what she had to say….
“I started working out at Lift with Jess in September 2015. I did really good for a couple years and then fell back into old routines. I knew I had to do something to get back on track and that’s when I decided to join the Fall Lifestyle Challenge 2017. This challenge has literally changed my life! I was scared knowing I had to follow a very strict meal plan and workout 6 days a week, but I decided to really embrace it. I found the meal plan (although restrictive) was not impossible and I learned very quickly how to meal prep and make things that were very tasty. Following the meal plan was very easy and it made doing the challenge 1000x easier because if you have food to grab you will not cheat.
When it came to the workouts I can’t say enough good things about Jess Kelly, Kevin Duerr, and Justin Lyndaker. I was really worried how I would maintain working out 6 days a week. Their energy, encouragement, and direction made everything so much easier. They taught proper lifting techniques plus were right there to make sure that you were always doing things the right way and also making sure I was lifting heavy weights and not taking the easy way out…. Oh yeah there was no getting away with doing anything easy for sure!!
I will say that I completed the challenge never missing a single day!! Sundays are seminar days but I chose to also work out on those days as well. I did extra cardio on weight days as directed by Jess. At the end, I ended up losing 18 pounds and 14 inches overall in 7 WEEKS! I have continued with personal training with Kevin 3x a week but I also go in on the other days for cardio. I’m still following the meal plan as this is just the start because I have much more to lose. I have wrestled back and forth with whether or not I should do the next challenge and I’ve decided that I am totally going to do it again!! This is just the beginning!
If you are still thinking about whether or not the Lifestyle Challenge is the right decision, I saved the BEST part for last… The bonds and friendships you forge with the people that are going through the same struggles are just irreplaceable and makes everything about this challenge worthwhile…. it is the best part of the whole process. I have continued down this road with 4 other women training with Kevin that I met during this challenge. We encourage and support each other so much. The Lifestyle Challenge is truly life changing!!!
Also on a side note… I also want to recognize Dennis Kelly… he was a big part of this program although his real job kept him away a lot. Some of the days he would drive home (3 to 4 hrs) just to be here for a Sunday seminar or to fix broken equipment in the gym. But not just that, he would also record videos on our private Lifestyle Facebook page for encouragement or just send me a Facebook message of encouragement. So behind the scenes, he was a big part of this challenge as well.”

Connie Allen

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Connie Brown Allen our Fall Lifestyle Challenger. She is a woman with drive, passion, and continued commitment. Her results during the challenge were nothing short of amazing. Losing 20lbs & over 7% body fat in 7 weeks – unheard of!! Connie success has only just begun. Her dedication continues every day!! We couldn’t be more proud and excited to watch her grow!!!The Challenge WORKS!! It’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix. This program sets you up for a successful future, leaving no stone unturned!!Are YOU our next success story???

Here’s what Connie had to say about her experience…
“The lifestyle challenge was extremely eye-opening. It taught me how to take control of my life. I learned how to set smaller achievable goals and how to reach those goals. If you had asked me before I started this challenge, how I was going to finish it, I would’ve said, “I don’t know.” I have never finished a challenge or workout program so when I signed up for this challenge I knew in my heart that This WAS it! I was going to finish this one. I literally put in blood, sweat, and tears and can say that I am very proud of myself! I have lost a total of 20 pounds and am continuing on this journey. I continue to meal prep and am currently getting PT 3 days a week and doing cardio opposite those days! I am a work in progress and I have little people watching me! I didn’t realize how much so until the past few day; “mom are you allowed to have that?” “Mom is that on your plan?” Even the adults in my life rooting me on, “oh you can eat that now?” Well… no… but lol I’m getting up in the morning to burn it off!
I truly feel amazing and can’t thank all of you trainers enough for inspiring, encouraging, and pushing us past what we thought were our limits! When I thought I was going to break you all assured me that I had more and you wanted to see it too!! As I reflect on the past 3 months I can’t help but think about how inspiring people have been to me and how inspiring I am to other people. It really is an amazing feeling! If I could give anybody any advice, it would be to start. Just start somewhere! If you don’t start, you can’t get to where you want to be!! Just GO!!” ~Connie

Colleen Vasile

About 2 months ago, after putting months of heartfelt thought into creating a testimonial for Lift, I finally began the process of putting pen to paper. I wanted to write about my experiences training and prepping for the bikini competition I had decided to enter for my 40th birthday. As I jotted down random pertinent thought fragments throughout the course of my days, I began to develop a kind of excitement. The kind you feel when you finally start to understand something you’ve struggled for a long time to get. However, as I sat down to put everything together into a coherent piece of writing, I had no idea just how big of a personal project this would shape up to be.

Because of everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve experienced through Jess Kelly’s guidance, I can without question say that I am a changed person. These are lessons that I had to learn for myself through life experience. Things that 4 years of college didn’t teach me. Lessons that pertain to the gym, but also to life.
I’ve been taught that tough times don’t last and that as long as you STICK WITH YOUR GOALS, there is no reason in the world you won’t see success. No matter how slow, if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, you CAN climb a mountain or run a marathon. You don’t have to be the best, the fastest, the strongest. Just the most CONSISTENT, and the most PERSISTENT. It’s okay to have a bad day or two as long as you just KEEP GOING. I’ve learned that getting older means getting smarter, stronger, and better adjusted to face everything life throws at you. I’ve learned that I can get along without junk food on a daily basis. I’ve learned NOT to sacrifice long-term goals for something I may want only RIGHT NOW. And, thanks to Jess, after 40 years, I’ve finally got a great picture of myself in a bathing suit!
I’ve learned more about myself and what the secret to success really is through this process. And as I continue to write, I continue to learn. The “real” testimonial I started may never be finished… I never want to stop growing, learning and celebrating personal victories at the gym and in my life. Everyone deserves to feel like this at some point in their lives. With Lift’s help, I am challenging some very long-standing personal beliefs I’ve always taken for granted as concrete truths. I’m slowly but surely watching myself change from an “I can’t” person to an “I can if I keep trying” one! Every personal training session is another chance to prove that I can do it.



“I’m not a trainer, but this is what I know and this is what I learned from Jess & Britt: Diet & Exercise, that’s all you need to do to see results!”

Jim Sikora was drawn to Live It Fitness & Training by his wife MaryAnn and two children Jennifer and Jim, who had already been LIFT members for quite some time. Inspired by the fitness lifestyle that his family had started, he wanted to join too. Jim and his supportive daughter Jennifer came to the Lifestyle Challenge Q & A Seminar that was hosted by LIFT owners Jessica Kelly, Dennis Kelly, and trainer Brittany Rabuano. After receiving detailed information about the challenge- Jim signed up that same day. He determined to make a lifestyle change!

A few months prior to the Q & A Seminar at LIFT, Jim had a doctor’s visit where his doctor told him, “Jim, we need to do something about this weight gain, the more weight on the body will eventually weaken your joints.” This concerned both Jim and his family. His main goals then became: (1) to lose some weight (1) to lower his upward creeping blood pressure, and (3) to lower his cholesterol.

“what did I get myself into…”

Day one of the challenge, Jim walked into LIFT at 4:45am, the music jamming and about 50+ people already there getting ready to warm up for their classes.  Jim’s initial thought was, “what did I get myself into.” However, as the weeks went on Jim found himself feeling better, lifting weights he never thought he could lift and eating four to five meals a day of whole clean foods!

For seven weeks- Jim and the rest of the Lifestyle Challengers participated in challenging strength training workouts, cardio sessions, and educational seminars. His personal trainers Jessica Kelly, Brittany Rabuano & Kevin Durr continued to motivate Jim and hold him accountable for his workouts and nutrition.

“This is such a beneficial program overall, it’s not about losing the weight. It’s everything. Nothing but positivity as soon as you walk through the doors. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking to feel GOOD about themselves.”

After the challenge ended, Jim stuck to his new-found fitness rituals. He continued to eat his five healthy meals a day, he didn’t hesitate to join in on the group exercise classes with the other LIFT members- including his wife and daughter, and finally he was excited to report back to the doctor that he had successfully lost 26.7lbs in just seven weeks during the challenge!

“I am definitely more food conscience. Prior the challenge I would go to Wegman’s with a list from my wife, but I was a “grabber”. I would grab whatever I saw walking down the aisle that looked the most appealing. During the challenge, Jess & Britt taught me how to read food labels and now I can’t help myself- almost every item I pick up I immediately turn it around and check the Protein, Carbs, Fats & Sugars. It has helped me so much!” – Jim Sikora

Jim’s family and friends now joke with him, “Jim, time for new pants, no more extra holes in the belt to hold those pants up- throw away the ‘fat pants’ and go down a size or two!” It has been very reassuring for Jim to hear these compliments since the challenge ended. Not only did he lose 26.7lbs during the challenge, because he stuck with his healthy new lifestyle Jim lost an additional 12lbs! Now down a total of 39lbs Jim has thrown away his ‘fat pants’ and is smiling ear to ear with his new earned physique!

Steve Lynch

Message from our Fall Lifestyle Challenge WINNER

Steve Lynch! SINCE the challenge Steve has lost a total of 60lbs.He still comes in at 6am almost every day to workout & still follows the meal plan that he was given during the challenge. He looks fantastic and feels like a hundred bucks!


Every time I looked in the mirror I knew I had to do something. I hadn’t really exercised in twenty-five years. My mom even joked that I looked 3-months pregnant – ouch. I heard about the LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE and got a hold of the brochure. On a lunch break, I finished up my two slices of pepperoni and headed over to check it out and consider joining the fall 2016 Challenge. That’s when I met Jess Newert – with her high energy and positive outlook, she convinced me to take up the Lifestyle Challenge at Live It Fitness and Training (LIFT).
I wasn’t sure I could meet the demands of the Challenge – the idea of sticking to a prescribed meal plan and the daily 6AM workouts were intimidating. Looking back now, I realize I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. For me, the Challenge was trans-formative. Jess and the LIFT trainers provided the perfect blend of structure, support, sense of belonging and “tough love” needed to bring about lasting change. Sharing the Challenge and bonding with the whole group kept everyone upbeat and dedicated to making a lifestyle change for the better.

The meal plan was especially well crafted, simplifying choices and streamlining the daily routine – I was able to stick with it through the entire Challenge and soon I lost the cravings for garbage food and began to enjoy whole, healthy food. The daily workouts varied within each week and evolved over the Challenge as the entire group became more fit. We were introduced to the entire Lift gym over the course of the Challenge.

The LIFT Lifestyle Challenge changed my life – three months later I am still on the meal plan and coming in regularly to work out. Between that afternoon when I walked in to LIFT and today I’ve lost 35 pounds and gained a new outlook on life. Don’t be intimidated – you can do it! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.”

Norma Warter

Winter Lifestyle Challenge Winner at Live It Fitness and Training

“She is a perfect example of what I say to my patients almost every day- eat clean & stay active!” Says Dr. McSwain from Auburn Internal Medicine & Pediatrics.

Norma Warter came to Live It Fitness & Training (LIFT) with high hopes that she could fight a battle of high blood pressure and high cholesterol on her own, with no medication. Norma was first inspired and brought to LIFT by her daughter Melissa, they had heard about our Lifestyle Challenge program and wanted in, immediately. The two met with LIFT’s owner Jess Newert , signed up together and began not a weight loss program, but a lifestyle change.

For seven weeks, Norma was taught how to strength train properly, perform effective cardio routines and learned the in’s & outs of nutrition with a personalized meal plan just for her (based off her body composition reading on LIFT’s InBody230 machine). Her certified personal trainers Jessica Newert, Brittany A Rabuano and Kevin Durr gave her constant support, education, and motivation every day.

“I learned so much!” says Norma when we sat down to talk to her about her Lifestyle Challenge experience.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s Norma strength trained, and with support of the peers in her group she could lift weights and do things she NEVER thought she could do. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays the group did cardio together & on Sunday’s they all met for an educational seminar with different topics each week.

“My favorite part of this challenge was finding my purpose; my purpose was to be able to run and play with grandchildren, I can do that now!” says Norma in full excitement. This challenge has taught Norma how to productively “live the lifestyle”, maintain it and keep up with it!

After the challenge, Norma visited Dr. McSwain again, her results showed that with diet and exercise her cholesterol levels went down 56 points, HDL went down 22 points & LDL went down 54 points. Blood pressure from 112/74 to 128/82 and that her weight went from 202lbs to 176lbs, talk about a healthy report card! These results are strictly from EXERCISE & NUTRITION- no tricks, no secrets. Dr. McSwain took Norma off of 2 of 3 medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

“I heard my trainers telling me that I can do it… so I did.” -Norma Winner of the Winter Lifestyle Challenge

We asked Norma what the hardest part of the challenge was: “The hardest thing during the challenge was the internal frustration with myself, I was nervous, I was uncomfortable at times, but then I heard my trainers telling me that I can do it… so I did.”

Continuing with the lifestyle change, Norma still packs her meals for work, has great attendance at LIFT, has a ton of energy, and tries to inspire others to do what she did. She still attends classes regularly and strength trains on her own with a few other women from the challenge. Her next goal is to be able to do more burpees!

Her family, friends and co-workers consistently ask her “what’s going on?” or “how did you do that?” She is proud to inform others that the Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT is what gave her the tools to set her on her way towards a new happy, healthy, and longer life!

Maggie Race

Her journey of success at LIFT!! 


“I am not one to feel comfortable posting pictures like this, but I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come in the past 7 months!!

The first picture of me is a picture of someone who had been constantly stressed & depressed – eating whatever I wanted- & It was easy to let myself go which led to being so unhappy with myself – that I decided it was time to make a change.

I joined the gym LIFT hoping to help me reach my goals. At first I was just striving to feel skinny again. I started taking classes at this gym, eating healthier and seeing results. It felt great. But my new goal was to not just feel skinny again but to feel STRONG.

In September I decided to step up my game and start training with Brittany A Rabuano at Live It Fitness and Training! So the middle picture is before I started training. She knocked my fear of lifting weights right away and I fell in love with lifting – and began to see even better results!!  I am so grateful for everything that Brittany and LIFT has taught me!

So, the last picture is me after my workout yesterday. I have come a long way since April and still have a long way to go to get to where I want be but I feel more confident, energetic, stronger and happy with myself!  In 7 months I’ve lost 17lbs! – and in the last 7 weeks of training I’ve lost 6 of those pounds and 7 inches off my body!  The progress feels awesome, and I’m excited to use what I’ve learned to continue to grow and better my body! Only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come”

“Fall in love with the process & the results will come.”

-Maggie Race

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Julie Sroka

Julie takes on LIFTs Life Changing Challenge: The Lifestyle Challenge!

“My story at LIFT well… I was at the point I hated my body, hated wearing anything that wasn’t sweatpants and absolutely hated looking at myself in the mirror. I finally was feeling so low that I got ahold of Jess Newert at LIFT to meet with her for personal training.

On my way to LIFT I was so nervous that I called my mom (my best friend) & told her I can’t do this, I’m going to look like a fat slob, these people are in shape, they will judge me!? My mom reassured me that I can do it and told me you’re never going to know until you try. I pulled into the parking lot nervous as ever, thinking I was about to vomit! I walked in and Jess was there to greet me- with the most welcoming smile! She shook my hand and told me about the Lifestyle Challenge! Still very unsure of what I was getting myself into, Jess noticed something was off and asked, “What are you thinking?” I responded “well I’m super intimidated… I mean look at all you, you’re so fit and in shape” she looks out the door and says “who is fit, who is ‘in’ shape? We are all the same. No one is any better than you and that’s what you are here for.”

**Well, that instantly made up my mind, that day I signed up for the Fall Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT!**

Here it is, day 1 of the challenge Jess, Britt and Kevin -all the trainers we’re there to welcome us and make us feel comfortable. Brittany and Jess- they are my true motivation to keep going, they pick me up when I need it the most (and they truly care about each one of us). Kevin always pushes me to lift more (man was he tough but loved it). As the 7 weeks went by I learned so much, I lifted more each session, and began eating clean.

Brittany A Rabuano had a bodybuilding competition come up right in the middle of the challenge where she took the overall win of the show. Her winning and the confidence she showed, made me think “wow I hope to be in those shoes someday”.

Now that the challenge is over I do personal training with Jess and participate in group exercise classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I have never felt better, currently 13 pounds down, 7 inches lost and still reaching my goals every day. Not to mention I’m not taking acid reflux medicine anymore! I can’t thank Jess, Brittany, Dennis, Kevin and all the others trainers at LIFT… it is easily the most welcoming and truly caring place you’ll ever step foot in! If you haven’t tried LIFT — ITS A DEFINITE MUST!!”

-Julie Sroka

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Nikki Guzalak

“I was never a person who liked working out…. I actually hated it.  I’ve had many battles over the past 10 years with weight gain and weight loss.  I was able to lose weight here and there, doing things on my own at home like walking on a treadmill, but nothing ever significant.  I was always very intimidated by the thought of a gym, thinking  I would be judged just by walking through the door.  But then I was lucky enough to find LIFT and realized very quickly that this gym was different!  The owners, Jess and Dennis, are very dedicated to providing the best gym and services they can.  All the trainers there do everything in their power to make sure the members feel welcome and that they have every tool possible to reach their goals.  I’ve personally learned proper techniques and strategies to make sure I am getting the most out of my workout. Also, all the members there to offer support and motivation for each other.  I’ve made many friends since joining LIFT and now consider a lot of them family.

I’m now down over 55lbs!!  But I’ve also learned to eat properly and to ‘Live the Lifestyle’ by making my health my #1 priority. I now can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym everyday thanks to Jess, Dennis and all the trainers at LIFT! The atmosphere is amazing. 

Making a change can be difficult and intimidating. It’s so hard to step out of your comfort zone.  But do it for yourself, you won’t be sorry!  Surround yourself with good people and good things happen!

Also, thanks to my husband Tim for having faith in me and showing me what I’m capable of.”

-Nikki Guzalak

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Jim Sikora

Jim’s WHY is his family!

“I joined the 2016 Fall Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT and at first I was very hesitant. My wife, daughter and son were already involved at LIFT, they were members that turned into routine gym goers and participated in the group exercise classes. When it became my time to step up and I did, I said YES and joined the fall lifestyle challenge!!

The first week was the hardest, but well worth it! Not that it got any easier, but my body/muscles were getting accustomed to the intensity and soreness. I won’t lie, I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish this challenge. But every day; Jess NewertBrittany A Rabuano, Dennis and Kevin were very supportive, knowledgeable and they became my teachers, my coaches.

So as the weeks went by I started looking forward to my time at the gym, I was never that type of person before. The only time I would get up at 4:30 am was to go hunting in the past, let alone go to the gym and get my butt kicked! All the other people that were in my 5am class were also very supportive. I met a lot of great people that I never knew before!

Weeks went by and each day got a little easier on my body, my muscles grew, the pain went away and I felt better each day!


Time flew by so fast and at the end of the challenge my final results were as follows; weight lost 26.7 lbs, body fat lost 27.6 lbs , muscle gained .04lbs , and body fat % lost was 5.8% , total inches lost 12″!!!!

One thing I did notice as we were going through the program I had to keep adding holes to my belt so my pants would not fall off me! I used to wear a 44 pant size and now I wear a size 38!! I still go to the gym on a daily basis, participating in classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I do my own weight routine or some cardio. I still am losing weight, down another 5.7 lbs. now for a total of -32.4 lbs!

I really enjoy / look forward to each day going to the gym now, working out and seeing all my NEW friends. I want to thank everyone at LIFT again (Jess, Brit, Dennis and Kevin ) it is truly a LIFESTYLE change that I am going to continue with.”

-Jim Sikora

“Live The Lifestyle”

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Tracey loves LIFT

“It has taken me a long time to realize that your health can not be measured by the weight on a scale. You cannot judge your life by that number! We have all judged ourselves by that number. Jess has taught me that it’s NOT about that number! Trust me it has taken time, I have my ups and downs, but I have stopped judging myself based on that number. I look at my accomplishments now and at the muscles I did not know I had.

I started personal training with Jess a few months ago and let me tell you she pushes you to your limit and further. I can look back on day one when lifting a barbell was difficult.  Jess pushes you to be your best. You always get a, “great job,” “keep going,” “keep pushing yourself.” It’s about motivation, it’s about believing you can do something and someone else believing it to!

LIFT is not just a gym; it truly is a family. We all there when one of us falls down and needs a little encouragement to get back up. LIFT, Jess and Dennis along with the clientele will not be found anywhere else.

So in short what does LIFT, Jess, and Dennis mean to me: Dedication, Motivation, Compassion, Authentic, and most importantly true and honest friends. They don’t sell you a miracle pill; they don’t tell you that you will be a Victoria Secret model in just a week (one can wish). What they do is put you on the right track to healthy clean living, push you, encourage you, and most of all they are always there for you. Jess isn’t just my trainer, my friend, but she also listens to you and your struggles with getting healthy; kind of like a food/workout psychiatrist. I am so grateful for walking in that door. (just don’t ever ask me that after leg day!!) I hope that this will encourage others to join the LIFT family and I am sure if you reach out to any of the LIFT family members you will get the same answer; JOIN LIFT you will not be disappointed in that decision. But you have to put in the work, muscles have to be earned with a little sweat and tears. BUT you will not find more honest and compassionate people who believe in what they do and will get you to where you want to be, with some hard work of course!!” ~Tracey Baldwin

Chuck Drops 73lbs at LIFT

“I want to give LIFT a huge THANKS!! I joined in October 2015, at an unhealthy 330 lbs! This has been a lifetime struggle for me, being husky! I’ve dropped weight, start feeling better , then fall right back into the old habits several times. As far as gyms go I’ve been there, always uncomfortable, a gym shy person. Since joining LIFT it has been an amazing experience. Everyone associated with the facility including members have been nothing but welcoming and supportive.
Up until April I ate clean and worked out regularly and lost 40 lbs. feeling awesome! Learning along the way.
Starting in April, Jess twisted my arm and made me join her Lifestyle Challenge! 7 weeks of a strict diet plan and daily training, Every day! I took this seriously and did exactly what was instructed to all of us.
The results were amazing! You have probably already read some of the other success stories from it. My results in just a short 7 weeks: 32.6 lbs lost and 18.5 total inches lost! Body fat percentage was the focus and I lost 4.1 % body fat! Truly amazing results came from the whole group. I now know my way around the gym and can do a lot more than just the basic movements. Jess will push you to your limits and then make you do even more! You will learn that there are NO excuses!!! My overall confidence level has skyrocketed. It’s now comfortable to walk around the gym. If you are considering participating in one of LIFTS Lifestyle Challenges “DO IT” you will not be disappointed with the results that will happen if you follow the instructions!!!!!
I am proud to call Everyone associated with LIFT my FAMILY!!! THANKYOU!!
These photos are of my Total experience so far with a 73 lb weight loss, weighing in at a 257 !!!!!!!! It’s 20 years since I was in the 250 range.” ~Chuck Tyler

Darlene’s SUCCESS story

“My passion for exercise began on June 23, 2014 when I approached Jess Newert and told her I had arrived for her yoga class. Jess smiled at me and said “this is boot camp and you are welcome to stay.” As the old saying goes, the rest is history.

When I reached my 50 year old mark I had my first bone density scan and I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I exercised occasionally and most generally ate healthy so I didn’t take it seriously.  Ultimately my bone density decreased and for the past 8 years I have had osteoporosis.  I failed at several gyms and exercises classes because they failed me.

All this changed with Jess the Owner and Trainer at LIFT.  For the first time I had a trainer who taught me how to use my body to support weight without injury, exercise with correct form and push myself beyond what I thought my limits were.  Jess guided me with a healthy eating plan and I attend 3 boot camp classes a week. After working out under Jess’s guidance for 2 years, I increased my bone density by 13.4 percent!  I went from osteoporosis to osteopenia, a significant health improvement!

I owe all my success to the owners at LIFT, Dennis Kelly and Jess Newert. They not only built a brand new state of the art gym, they are dedicated to helping those who want to help themselves. The gym features all the equipment you can possibly need, and for your convenience, fresh protein shakes made to order.  The entire gym, including shake bar, locker rooms and showers are kept immaculate and sanitized. All LIFT staff is professional and they are certified trainers. Dennis and Jess are masters at their craft and require the same from their professional staff. All LIFT staff is certified so you feel confident during classes. During group classes, which I take, I receive personal direction along with everyone else. I think of LIFT as an adult play ground, I enjoy it that much! Working out has become a habit and a new hobby.  I am stronger and happier, and love the supportive staff and members at LIFT!! Thank you Dennis and Jess, you are dedicated to helping us become healthy!” ~Darlene Lattimore

Sean Laquidari “Lives The Lifestyle”

“Hello my name is Sean Laquidari and I’m 46 years old. I work 2 jobs and have a busy calendar. That being said, I wanted to get in shape so I looked around for a good gym and found LIFT. Thinking this would be like all the other gym’s… I learned it is NOT. Dennis & Jessica created a gym full of positive attitudes and a friendly atmosphere. The facility is very clean and has some of the best equipment you can find in a gym. After lifting for a few months, I felt like I needed to do more. I heard they offered a meal plan to help me with my goals of burning fat and loosing unwanted weight. I started this eating plan in September weighing 190lbs at 29% body fat. I now weight 161lbs at 16% body fat. Jessica created my macros and gave me options on what to eat and when. It truly changed my lifestyle! Now I eat clean and train on my lunchtime. I make no excuses, I find the time and follow the plan, it works if you just apply yourself. Anyone can transform themselves into achieving a better body. I am proof of that.”

Bill Finds motivation at LIFT

“LIFT along with the positive reinforcement of my favorite trainer Jessica have truly inspired and changed my life for the better. Never have a I ever been in more of an uplifting and supportive “gym environment” in all of my working out days. Every morning I get out of bed (5 AM Boot Camp) ready to see all of my gym pals and the enthusiastic and motivated Jessica. I have found that my head is much clearer, I have much more energy throughout the day, and sleep so much better through the night. Not only has my life changed for the better but I have made a supportive and encouraging bunch of friends I look forward to seeing most mornings as we push through or challenging and hard core workouts.

If you are looking to put some positivity and energy into your life then I truly suggest visiting LIFT!”
~Bill M. Waterloo, NY

Jennifer Petrie’s Fitness Journey at LIFT

After my annual physical in January 2015 I was surprised to not only find out how much weight I had gained that year but when my blood work came back, all my levels were higher than previous years.  My doctor brushed it off by saying, “this is what happens when you get older”. This is when I realized I had to make a Lifestyle Change.  I had become someone who was out of shape, overworked, stressed and most importantly I was putting myself last. As a single mother with two kids, a full and part time job, and taking additional graduate classes I always told myself I didn’t have the time to work out.

I decided I wanted to retake control of my life.  It is then that I began my fitness journey. I did a lot of research and a lot of working out on my own with what I had around the house.  I got up early and went to bed late, finding any time in the day to incorporate fitness.  I parked far away, used the stairs and kept my body active.  I also changed my eating habits.  I began meal prepping and found healthy alternatives to the foods I was already eating.

In August 2015 I discovered LIFT(Live It Fitness & Training).  Even though it is 40 minutes away from my home, it looked like a gym I wanted to belong to. That is where I met Jess and I began participating in boot camp classes. I quickly realized that this gym was different. It was a place where you felt empowered, supported, and women were encouraged to LIFT weights. In October I began training with Jess, Robbie and Tim.  With their support the progress I have made in just a few months has been amazing.  Jess continues to motivate me to always push myself and have confidence in my abilities.  Overall I have lost a total of 40 lbs! Jess and LIFT has not only helped me to enhance my training by working tirelessly with me to develop new training programs and answering daily questions but Jess has also reworked my nutrition so that I am getting the most out of my training. She is also now helping me prepare for my first figure contest.

Caring for ourselves enough to make a change takes time and it isn’t easy. For me it took getting up early or working out late while the kids were sleeping. Doing whatever I could at home when I couldn’t get to the gym. It involved meal prepping 1 – 2 times a week and logging my meals every night for the next day. Packing meals every morning for a full day of work and after school events.

It can be done. It’s not a quick fix, it takes work and it’s a Lifestyle.  LIFT is the perfect place for you to begin your journey!  There is nothing more empowering to me when people say to me “you’re too skinny”, “you’re on a diet” or “you will get too big” and my son responds with “it’s a Healthy Lifestyle”.

Emily Pine

I have been overweight my entire life and it came to a point where I started to accept that there would be no changes and i just had to deal with it. It got to the point that i thought i was just waiting for the moment where I die from being fat. In May of 2009, my Dad passed away due to complications with diabetes and I was following in his exact footsteps! I was pre-diabetic and I had high cholesterol and blood pressure. So getting myself healthy was really important, yet completely impossible to do on my own. I tried every diet, supplement, and gym in Auburn hoping I’d find what ever miracle I needed to get me motivated, but nothing worked for me. I heard through the grape vine that a new fitness center was opening right down the street from my home, so I decided to do some searching online and that’s when I found an email address for Jessica(owner of LIFT). Being a college student at the time and only working 20 hours a week, there was no way I could afford the time and attention I truly needed from her. I emailed her and told her my story and her and Dennis decided to take me under their wings and teach how to “live the lifestyle’, all for FREE! They gave me access to all of the classes, personal training, the gym whenever I wanted and on top of that she gave me a meal plan to follow with weekly weigh-ins! I can’t even begin to tell you the impact that LIFT has had on me, not only my physical appearance but how I perceive life. It had been a longtime dream of mine to be a NYS Trooper, but it wasn’t realistic because of how much I used to struggle with my weight and health. It’s because of LIFT, Jess and Dennis that I now have a bright future in ANY career that I choose. I have confidence, self esteem and an insane amount of strength both mentally and physically. I am no longer pre-diabetic, I no longer have high cholesterol or blood pressure, I’m down 45lbs so far and I am no longer on a destructive path to living a short unhealthy life.  I also truly believe that I can conquer any obstacle that life throws my way and if I ever needed help with anything, I know that Jess and Dennis will always have my back. Live It Fitness and Training, Jess and Dennis and “Living The Lifestyle” has completely given me a whole new meaning on life! Thank you!!

State of the art fitness facility in Auburn, NY!